Greenville Bathroom Remodeling Services

Make your bathroom efficient and beautiful with professional bathroom remodeling - call us!

Bathrooms are often seen as a place of zen and the perfect spot to unwind after a long day. On top of that, you need your bathroom in order to complete all of the essentials parts of your daily routine! Having a bathroom that isn’t functioning properly could be an eyesore and headache that you have to deal with every single day. Luckily, Everest Plumbing in Greenville, SC is your go to for all things related to bathroom plumbing. Our experienced team of bathroom remodel contractors can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call today to find out how.

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Professional Bathroom Renovation

You don’t want to choose just any bathroom renovation company. If you’re trying to achieve a modern bathroom design, you want a contractor that understands the ins and outs of the latest looks and technology for your bathroom. We can take your bathroom to the next level. We offer a variety of services to help you achieve the look and functionality you desire in your bathroom including:

  • Showerhead installation
  • Shower installation
  • Toilet replacement
  • Bathroom sink repairs and replacement
  • Connection to existing plumbing
  • Water line installations

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, our team can make your dream bathroom a reality with expert  services and state of the art tools.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Shower

Your shower is an important part of your daily routine. Having a faulty system can make every day a huge hassle. If you’re having issues, we can get to the bottom of them to make your bathroom a place where you actually want to spend time. Here are some signs you should consider a new shower:

  • Problem with your shower door: Chipped, cracked or stuck shower doors can become a problem. They’ll only get worse if they don’t receive the proper attention.
  • Water stains/leaks: Pooling water or moist spots anywhere in or near your shower are a sign of trouble. These usually mean you have a leak. We can help to get your system leak free for peak performance.
  • Rust and stains: Rust is a good sign that your system isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to. On top of that, rust can be unsightly. Add stains to that equation and you have a shower that looks old and run down. Give it a clean, modern look with our bathroom remodeling.

Your water line gives your shower and sinks access to clean water. We provide water line repair.

Why Work With Us

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing a plumbing contractor. Why not choose the contractor you can create a lasting and dependable relationship with? We strive to be that option for homeowners in the greater Greenville area. We know that you want someone reliable that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. We can be that team for you. Customers love our:

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Easy financing options
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Award winning service
  • Background checked plumbers

If you’re ready to replace your shower and overhaul your bathroom but don’t know where to start, call Everest Plumbing in Greenville, SC at 864-610-2336. Our team of experts can help you achieve the modern and functional bathroom of your dreams.