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A burst pipe can spell disaster - don’t wait to call us for professional repair services!

A burst pipe is an emergency plumbing issue, and it needs to be handled immediately. Burst pipes can be a huge disaster, causing severe damage to your property and racking up your repair bill. The professionals at Everest Plumbing are trained and efficient at handling your burst pipe, so call us immediately for help with your burst or frozen pipe.

What Causes a Burst Pipe?

While it may surprise you, burst pipes are a relatively common issue. They can even burst without warning, leaving homeowners unprepared to deal with such a disaster. Pipes are typically very durable, but experiencing a burst is an issue to be handled by nobody but trained professionals. Common Causes:

  • Frozen pipes:Freezing is probably one of the most common causes. When water freezes inside them, it causes your pipes to expand so much that it breaks them.

    Old pipes: Certain pipe materials are more vulnerable to bursting than others, and older homes typically have materials that are prone to bursting.

  • Outside pressure: Shifting soil, tree roots, or even natural disasters are common causes that can cause your system to move around.
  • High water pressure: While it’s not as common, excessive water pressure can cause a burst. Proper installation and setup can prevent this issue.



How to Prevent a Burst Pipe

There are several steps you can take to keep your pipes intact. Proper use can keep your pipes from bursting.

  • Keep the water flowing: By leaving a small amount of water flowing through them, you can help prevent them from becoming frozen.
  • Keep your house warm:Keeping your house warm means that warmth also penetrates behind your walls and under your floors, keeping the pipes there warm.
  • Leave cabinets open:Leave your cabinets open in places like the kitchen and bathrooms to allow warm air to reach the exposed pipes, which can keep them from freezing.
  • Disconnect your hose: If water can’t drain from your hose bib, you’ll need to schedule outside hose bib replacement. Save yourself the trouble and disconnect your hose during cold weather (when freezing is more likely).



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