Greenville Water Pressure Services

Water pressure issues can be complicated - call our professional plumbers for assistance!

Believe it or not, high water pressure is anything but great. From bursting pipes to worn out toilet fill valves, dripping faucets to ruptured water heaters, high water pressure causes a variety of plumbing problems to develop prematurely. To avoid damage to your home's plumbing system from high pressure, every house should have a pressure regulating valve, or PRV, to ensure the water pressure is at a safe level for the plumbing in your house. This issue isn’t something you should try to fix on your own so contact Everest Plumbing in Greenville, SC for help!

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How to Know You Have a High Water Pressure Problem

Sixty pounds per square inch (60 PSI) is the ideal pressure; however pressure over eighty pounds per square in (80 PSI) can become a problem. Water heater manufacturers warn that pressure exceeding 80 PSI can cause premature wear and tear to your tank. Consistent problems with your plumbing system and unusual noises may be a sign of unusually high pressure. This issue can lead to burst pipes, leaks, flooding, and other issues. Here’s how you can tell:

  • Banging or clanging sounds in your pipes
  • Your appliances are noisy when you run them
  • You run out of hot water too quickly
  • Your water bills continue to increase although your usage is the same

If you're experiencing any of the above signs, you may have excessively high water pressure. Give us a call to bring your water pressure down to a normal level. Fixing high water pressure is important to protect your home from plumbing leaks and keep your fixtures from becoming damaged.

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Pressure Regulator Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance of your pressure regulator is an important part of making sure the water pressure in your home remains at the ideal level. As discussed above, you may experience a host of complications if your water pressure isn’t right where it needs to be. Your pressure regulator helps maintain that ideal level. Regularly scheduled maintenance is a must which is why we:

  • Inspect for leaking/broken pilot systems
  • Inspect for air that can cause errors in pressure readings
  • Clean and maintain strainer screens to prevent control valve failure
  • Replace or repair blocked fittings
  • Test and check your system to ensure it’s working like it should

At Everest Plumbing in Greenville, SC, we have an understanding of your plumbing system. Let us fix your high water pressure issues. Call us today at 864-610-2336 for expert service.