Water Heater Services

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From washing your clothes in hot water to enjoying a steamy bath, having a water heater is a common comfort that people tend to overlook. It’s typically your home’s second-biggest energy consumer. We offer a variety of options for water heaters, including electric or gas tank-style, tankless, and even electric hybrid systems. If you’re not sure what type is best for your home’s needs, contact us today.

Tankless Water Heaters

In the Greenville area tankless water heaters are quickly becoming a preferred alternative to the standard tank-type predecessors, but why?

Though a larger initial investment, tankless water heaters are more efficient and more versatile. Energy star certification qualifies them for federal and state rebates. They also provide never-ending hot water. You never again have to worry whether someone else took a shower in your home in the past hour or so.

Tanked Water Heaters

We offer a full selection of electric and gas water heaters to accommodate your hot water needs. If you’re running out of hot water too quickly, either your water heater is not the right size, or you may have a defective component. Either way, Everest Plumbing can help.

If you're running out of hot water too quickly, either your water heater is not sized properly and upgrading to a higher capacity tank might need to be considered. You may also have a defective component hindering its performance, slowing down recovery or misreading the temperature value of the water available inside the tank.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Heat pump water heater hybrid systems are rapidly becoming more popular. Our licensed plumbers can explain how this system works and how it can benefit your home.

For a long time, homeowners were limited to two options: tankless and tank-type, and they were always either electric or gas. With a third option on the market, homes are becoming much more efficient and reliable, requiring fewer installation modifications than standard tanks or tankless systems.

When to Replace Your Water Heater

It’s often easy to forget about your water heater until it begins to malfunction. There are some signs that your unit is nearing the end of its useful life, such as:

  • Water discoloration: Rusty water when you run your hot water is a good indication that your system is worn out.
  • Drop in hot water pressure: If your cold water seems to come out fine but your hot water comes out slowly or inconsistently, you might have to replace your tank.
  • Longer than usual recovery cycles: If your unit is not providing you with expected performance and consistent hot water, it’s a good indication you need a new unit.

At Everest Plumbing in Greenville, SC, we provide peak service. If you need to install a new water heater or repair an existing one, our team of professionals can help when you call (864) 610-2336 today!